Constitution of the St Cross Allotment Committee (SCAC)

The objectives of the Committee are :
(a) To administer the allotments on behalf of the Trustees of St Cross;
(b) To agree the rental with the Trustees of St Cross;
(c) To administer any distribution service, communal maintenance of machinery and equipment;
(d) To help new gardeners on the site in whatever way is appropriate.

1. 1. Committee
The Committee shall consist of 5 members - a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and two other Committee members. The Committee may co-opt any plot holder for a maximum of 1 year to assist in a special task. The Committee shall appoint the officers from amongst their number. The quorum is 3 members.
1. 2. Election of committee members
The Secretary will email plot holders seeking nominations in the middle of September. The deadline for nominations be 3 weeks from that mailing. Self-nominations are permitted. The list of candidates will be sent out by the middle of October with a deadline for receipt of votes of the first week in November. The new Committee will be announced at the allotment supper in mid-November. The elected nominees will take office on 1st January following the elections.

1. 3. Duration of Tenure
Elected members of the Committee shall serve for a period of 3 years. Each year the 2 longest-serving members shall retire if they have served 3 years. If several members have served the same number of years, agreement will be sought between the committee members on who should retire. If there is no agreement, names will be drawn from a hat. Members shall be eligible for re-election up to a maximum of 6 years after which they may not serve for a period of 3 years. If a committee member is deemed by a majority not to be carrying out his/her functions in a satisfactory manner, he/she can be asked to step down after being given the opportunity to put his case. A note of the voting numbers will be made in the minutes.

1. 4. Mid - Term Vacancies
The Committee may fill any vacancy arising during the year. Members appointed will be full voting members of the committee and count towards a quorum. He/she shall hold office for the remainder of the term of the member he or she replaces.

1. 5. Powers of Committee
The Committee shall have full power to supervise and manage the day to day work of the allotments according to the rules for the purpose of accomplishing its objectives.
1. 6. Frequency of meetings
The Committee will meet quarterly or more frequently if required.

1. 7. Emergency Actions
The Chairman and/either the Secretary, or Treasurer may take any executive emergency actions required where it is not practicable for the business to be decided upon at a regular or special committee meeting. Details of the action will be reported and recorded at the next meeting of the Committee.

1. 8. Conduct of Meetings
At all meetings of the Committee every question shall be decided by a majority of votes and if the votes are equal the Chairman shall have a casting vote. In the absence of the Chairman an acting Chairman elected at the committee meeting shall preside over that meeting.

1. 9. Finance
The Treasurer will keep in date order a record of all income and expenditure. All expenditure must be supported by a supplier’s receipt or appropriate voucher which shows the date of expenditure, the total amount and the purpose for the payment. Plot holders’ rents shall be recorded, showing the date paid, the periods paid for and the name/s of the plot holder/s.

1. 10. Annual Accounts
A simple Income and Expenditure account and a balance sheet to be completed on 31st December each year for the Committee’s first meeting of the year. Thereafter a report shall be made at each meeting on the state of the finances as of the Friday before the meeting. This will be recorded in the minutes.

1. 11. Special Expenditure
When special projects are considered they will be costed as far as possible.

1. 12. Plot holder’s Rents
The Chairman shall agree the overall annual rent with the Trustees of St Cross and apportion it in accordance with the size of the individual plots. A plot holder joining part way through the year will pay one twelfth for each remaining month or part of a month in that year.

1. 13. Copies of Rules
A copy of the rules and constitution of the Committee shall be available on the SCAC Website

1. 14. Mode for Amending Rules
The rules may be amended by the Committee

1. 15. Official Communications
Shall be made on behalf of the Committee by the Secretary or, in the absence of the Secretary, by the Chairman or Treasurer.

1. 16. List of Plot holders
The Committee will draw up and update annually an alphabetical list of plot holders giving the following information:
(a) Name, address, Email and telephone number;
(b) Date of joining and leaving;
(c) Date of receipt of rent;
Any plot holder may see their own entry on request.