Information for Plotholders


The sections below can be accessed by clicking on the buttons provided. Not all services are visible to the public visitor. Plotholders are required to use their PIN to access some services.


The website will continue to evolve. Much depends on how actively Plotholders request new content and data. Please feel free to make suggestions about services and articles you would like to have available on your website.


The administration of the allotments is the responsibility of a small group of volunteers who meet quarterly as a committee. Here you will find details of the Committee and its organisation.


Your Committee strives to look after the interests of all concerned with the smooth running of the allotments. Here you will find reports and papers it would like to share with you.


A section of the website is devoted to notices of general interest to Plotholders. These will include notices posted by the Committee but will also contain events, tips and ideas and other information from third parties.

Calendar of Events

Throughout the year there are a number of events that might be of interest to Plotholders. These can be directly associated with the allotments, with St Cross Hospital or other local events.

Useful Links

From time-to-time the Committee and Plotholders may find useful information on websites elsewhere. We gather these links here for the benefit of all.

Tips & Ideas

Here you will find ideas and tips that Plotholders would like to share with all. This ranges from growing tips to recipes based on seasonal crops.


A sample of photographs of allotment plots that can be viewed as a whole or individually. This page will be updated regularly.

Historical View

A photograph of the area around St Cross Hospital shows the allotments were thriving way back before 1949.

Plan Of Plots

From time-to-time the Committee will update the master plan of the plots and the current record is shown here.

Rainfall Map

The UK Met Office have a live representation of the rainfall over the UK for the past two hours. Useful if you are wondering if there is time to visit the allotment!