Meteorological Office Rainfall Map

Met Office Radar Map
The Met Office offer a number very valuable public services. One of these is an interactive radar map of the rainfall across the British Isles. The map is updated every five minutes and provides an accurate representation of the precipitation in near real time. The map is expandable and can reveal local detail which you might wish to use to plan your trip to the allotment.

Click on the button below to take you to the Met Office website. The site will open in a separate window or tab in your browser. The St Cross Allotment website will remain open in your browser and you can therefore return to it by selecting the appropriate tab or window when you have finished looking at the weather.
Met Office Super Computer
Met Office Exeter
Public Open Days
Would you like to find out about the variety of work done at the Met Office?

To discover more about the weather forecasting and climate research, come on a guided tour of our modern headquarters in Exeter, which includes a visit to the National Meteorological Library.

The talks and tour should last about 2 hours and 30 minutes, after which you will be free to look around yourself or use our café. As part of the visit we may ask you about your thoughts on some of the services we provide to the public, this is totally voluntary but may help us to shape our services in the future.

Tickets will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum of four tickets per person. In order to meet our security requirements, tickets will be named; therefore we must be notified of any name changes that you wish to make no later than 72 hours prior to your arrival. Those without a ticket or a ticket not in their name will be refused entry. Some form of ID will be required.

Although children will be able to attend we have decided to have a lower age limit of 10 in order to meet our Health and Safety requirements.